Self Reflection

2016 is over but I think it’s time to look back and reflect on what a year it has been!

So this is my first blog post! Yes, I understand that probably nobody will even see this or care about this but last year aka 2016 I built up the courage to start up a blog! I mean we all know of Zoella (Zoe Sugg, Girl online), Anna Saccone, Sosueme (Suzanne Jackson) etc. I know that they are all the massive successful bloggers but they have me inspiration to start one myself. I didn’t want to start this up and go tell all of my friends go read my blog, know how I feel, see my reviews on different things. No I just wanted this to be a place where I could express myself and write about things I was passionate about, something that made me feel good!

2016 was the year were I grew in confidence. I started to believe in myself believe that I was good enough. I also began to stop caring what people were thinking and I started to think about myself. A word you could say was I was a little bit “selfish”. But the way I acted and what I did for people without any sense of gratitude I felt it was time to start saying no to them and living life in a way I wanted to live it! Once I started this I felt happier and I had a pep to my step.

I was very self-conscious about my weight, appearance, what I said and what people thought of me. It’s not that I was overweight or anything like that but I felt if I didn’t look like a Victoria Secret Model then I wasn’t perfect body wise. Over the last year I’ve learned that I need to accept myself and love my body. But I still do lots of workouts and continuing to play sports to help remind myself that I’m healthy. But doing exercise does actually help me to stay happy and positive especially in a world that can be so horrible! I guess you could say that if someone asked me what is my best way to stay post and happy it’s by going and doing a workout or going for a stroll outside. I feel I am in such good control of myself and I can breath in the fresh air. I forget about all the stress in my life and it helps me relax. I know what you’re thinking exercising helps you relax!?!?! What??? That’s what it does for me personally I feel calm and collective. I totally understand that some people rather have a lazy day and binge watch TV and if that’s what helps them relax then that’s exactly what they should do!!!

Okay back to 2016 this was the year where I found myself and grew a personality I liked. I became confident and not caught up in myself. Before I wouldn’t have spoken up in school, around my peers or even to a waiter/waitress in a restaurant. I was overly shy. But one thing I learned was that nobody is going to do the talking for you and you have to be able to stand up for yourself. I think I grew a lot once I began to understand this. I was always a believer that you have to push you’re boundaries and get out of your comfort zone if you want to grow. That’s what I did I started to question teachers in school and I began to understand the subject more. When I was with my peers I talked and started conversations and I forgot about the thought in my mind: does this sound stupid? Because after all if they were my friends they wouldn’t care! I felt happier and I laughed more!! I loved the feeling of it. I had the confidence in restaurants to stop a waiter and ask for more water in our jug or extra chips!! I get that for the most of you reading this you’re thinking this girl is crazay!!!! But to me it meant so much!!

Now this is the point where I should focus on the bad things ­čśŽ But I’m afraid I’m thinking positive thoughts today so there will be no negative words or thoughts said here!!!

I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas and New year!! Best wishes for 2017!!!

Lots of love,  Rachael x


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